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About PTS

First off lets start with my website; it’s a pretty plain and simple website would you not agree?

There is a good reason for this, I’m a pretty plain and simple guy! The Internet allows one to present the illusion of being larger than life or plain and simple . . . I prefer to let everyone know I’m pretty plain and simple and not have people think I am larger than life!

I’m just like 99% of the people who stop here on the PTS Website or hangout on my PTS Flowbench Forum I love information and the exchange of information. I have no flashy ads or banners on my site nor will I every, I do not like going to sites like that so I feel the people who come here probably feel the same way.

I started this site after going on a quest back in the mid to late 90’s after searching without any luck finding info on flowbenches. I figured if I was looking for info there must be others looking also? So the forum was created and here it is today the largest resource of info on flowbenches to be found! No membership dues, just join the forum and start reading, if you find the info handy make a small donation, buy a set of plans or pickup some parts to help me pay the bills . . . or just enjoy the info!

I’m not a flowbench guru, do feel I know a few things though after being here on the forum from day one I had to learn something? The members of the forum make this site live, without them it would just be a static website and what fun would that be?

I think of all my customers as friends, sure I like to sell parts and make money like anyone else but I could not pay for the friendships I have developed with my forum members and customers!

I make my parts in my own shop using old equipment (one circ. 1919), answer my own emails, and answer my own phone, when you contact PTS you get me Bruce!

I have had a few great forum members help me design some of my products and continue to assist me as we evolve the PTS products. My knowledge base is pretty limited but I have learned much from the help of others who helped me.

After all this is as much about learning as it is about making money while doing something I have a great passion for!!!

Thank you, and I look forward to welcoming you to my forum or as a future customer and friend!