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PTS Digital Manometer

It features 3 pressure sensors; Static Pressure, CFM & Feet Per Second for velocity probe testing or set to H2O for what ever you want to use it for (3rd sensor is standard not an upgrade!)

The DM is fully supported on the Flowbench Forum. It comes as a pre-built unit ready to hookup to your PTS Flowbench you will need to supply a Windows 98/XP based PC or Laptop with a USB port.

It comes in a 40” or 100” model, the 40” would be the standard model to use on a PTS Flowbench build. The 40” model will allow you to test up to static pressures of ~36”.

The 100” model would be for custom built high depression flowbench and not suited for testing at pressures below 28”

NOTE: If you are outside the USA you will need to supply a small 15vdc wall transformer with a 2.1mm center pin positive connection that uses your local available power. I can only supply this item for the USA market. Less than a $10 item in most places.

More info can be found on the Flowbench Forum in the Flowbench DAQ area or checkout this sample video of the PTS bench flowing +600 cfm @ 28" (this link will take you to Youtube).

For info on Flowsoft the software used for the PTS Digital manometer see this page Flowsoft Info

Software is downloadable from the Flowbench Forum and any updates are offered free of charge as we release them! No need to return the DM back to PTS for any software updates.

More info on using the PTS DM can be found on the PTS Flowbench Forum

Pricing and orders can be seen/placed here: PTS Flowbench Store

PTS Digital Manometer (DM) allows you to go totally digital with PTS parts. No need to purchase another flow computer, our PTS DM allows you to see and capture your data in real-time using a spreadsheet or database application.