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I have fielded alot of emails about the plans so I am adding a post I can reference to for a list of what is needed to build a PTS Flowbench;

The plans can be modified/changed to meet your requirements and do offer various routes to go with some of the design, keeping airflow and monetary requirements in mind. The plans are based on sound proven design from years of flowbench information gathered from all areas of the Flowbench Forum and field tested by other forum members.

Using this set of plans, some simple home-shop tools, a few purchased materials and products, paying attention to the details you will be able to construct a very successful flow bench. If you have any doubt in your ability to undertake the woodwork or electrical part of this build by all means seek professionals who know these trades!

I tried to keep in mind while designing the PTS Flowbench plans how someone could construct this bench using local supplies, parts, and tools. Some of the parts in these plans are based on parts that I supply, but you or a local machine shop could also manufacture these parts. I do however; try to keep the prices of my professional quality parts within the reach of a home-shop budget so out-sourcing is not required and you can use my parts in your build. I can assure you the parts you purchase from me to use in your flowbench are the same quality parts used by many professional flowbench users in their shop!

I would like to stress that these plans CANNOT and DO NOT cover all construction variables, they will however give you a very good starting point to build a quality flowbench and save a lot of time and money in the process!


Recommended Motors

FlowBench Vacuum Motors by Lighthouse

LH95630-120's are what I use in my personal build, another good choice is; Ametek Part No. 115923

Motor Controls

Payne Engineering Model TBP-18 (220V) Other models can be used also

Harbor Freight Router Control (usually on-sale for less than $20.00)

Solid State Relay with Phase Angle Control – suitable AMPS based on your bench motor requirements. (Top of the line when it comes to a motor control but not inexpensive) This is what you need to use the PTS Motor Control.

8” Deck Plates

Used for cabinet area locations and orifice plate access, quantity as required for your specific bench design. Typical qty – 2

Orifice plates

Purchased from PTS Flowbench Technology or some other source. Info on manufacturing plates can be found on the Flowbench Forum.

Check Valves

Used to isolate unused blowers so the airflow does not reverse through them, not required if only using 2 blowers or an alternate design is used ie magnets on blower face or use your own check valve design.

Static/Pressure pickups

Purchased from PTS Flowbench Technology or some other source.

Tubing – 1/8” diameter or purchase tubing to fit your design and specific application.

Wire for electrical hookup

Gage as required for your particular flowbench build. Consult a qualified electrician if you are unsure what you will need based on your specific design.


For relay/motor control, source for your particular flowbench build


5X847E, quantity as required for your power requirements. One relay per 2 motors if wiring for 220 volts

Miscellaneous Hardware

48” of 5/16” threaded rod, nuts and washers for baffle installation, Wood screws for panel fastening, T-nuts and matching machine screws for removable panels, wood biscuits, Thumb screws for orifice plate installation, Panel glue, and silicone caulk for joint sealing.

Additional items can be added such as PTS Digital Manometer either 40" or 100", PTS Motor Control for manual or automatic depression control, Clippard MTV-5 valves for easy direction control of your guages when changing from intake to exhaust testing.

Prices for these parts can be found on my PTS Parts page at: PTS Parts


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