PTS Digital Manometer 


Comes standard with 3 sensor inputs;
Static Pressure (38" h2o max)
CFM (16" max Dp)
Velocity or Inches Water (38" h2o max).
A working CFM range of 350-400 cfm can be calibrated before needing an orifice plate range change.
Displays Static Pressure, CFM and Air Speed in FPS or use the 3rd input for Inches of Water.

Comes standard with FlowSoft basic which features Data Capture to a CSV file which can be used in Excel, Word etc.

This allows the end user to fully customize their data output.

DM Screen

Currently, designed to work with the PTS Flowbench plans.
(Future support will come for all DIY style flowbenches as well as commercially produced flowbenches.)

Additional information can be found on the Flowbench Forum

Price PTS DM can be ordered from:

PTS Flowbench Parts page

Do not be fooled by the low cost, this unit is very accurate and repeatable. 

Coupled with the PTS Flowbench plans you can build a serious flowbench!

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