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The PTS bench build is fully documented via pictures on my Flowbench Forum in the PTS Plans area for members who purchase a copy of the plans, as well as construction pictures of other customer builds.

Flowbench Plans 

The PTS Flowbench is rated for flows @28"

This is not a high depression flowbench!

Click here for some pictures of my/customer's PTS bench under construction

Other payment options can be arranged, please email if you prefer some other payment option.

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I recommend that if you are interested in building a PTS Style Flowbench that you purchase a set of plans first before buying any other parts.

Buying a set of plans will get you the PTS Flowbench Forum Plans Area password and you can then evaluate other people’s builds in detail and make a better choice of parts that will suit your personal PTS Flowbench build.

As much as I like to sell parts, I want to make sure you get what you need and the only way I can do this is if you understand what you are building! Feel free to contact me.


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